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While registering my Gen 1 insight today, I also picked up my HOV lane sticker... When the tax lady gave me my plate, hov sticker, etc - she mentioned the insight would also qualify to be exempt from the 95 Express Tolls...I was like...whaaa :rofl: - Looked it up and sure enough all hybrids are exempt from the 95 express tolls:

Registration Process & Forms | 95 Express

"Hybrid Registration - What Is A Registered Hybrid Vehicle? An Inherently Low Emissions Vehicle (ILEV) or a Hybrid vehicle is defined as a vehicle which is included in the eligibility list provided by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Hybrid owners that wish to register for 95 Express HOV toll-exempt program must have a valid State of Florida HOV decal. For more information on what vehicles qualify as a Hybrid vehicle and on how to obtain a HOV decal, please visit Florida DHSMV - High Occupancy Vehicle Decal.
Hybrid vehicle drivers who wish to use 95 Express toll-free, must complete a 95 Express registration form with the following information: name of owner and address, vehicle identification number, license plate number (update SFCS with any new license plate numbers), make and model of vehicle, and HOV decal number. Qualified registrants will receive a 95 Express decal to be placed in the front windshield of their vehicle. The 95 Express decal is in addition to the State of Florida HOV decal.

Hybrid vehicle drivers will be sent a yearly renewal of the 95 Express decal based on anniversary date of initial request. A registrant will be provided two reminder notices to renew their registration with SFCS. If a registrant does not renew following the second renewal notice, SFCS will notify Sunpass and deactiveate the profile of the user."

Did a quick search and didn't see this mentioned before, so I thought I'd post it :)
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