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Forced Auto Stop Microcontrollers (G1 5MT Only)

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This thread turned into a development thread and I've improved the product since starting this thread.
Read about the current version here or send me a PM.
There are multiple possible implementations of this mod, and a recommended implementation, talk to me or see the other thread for details.

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Forced Auto Stop for Engine Off Coast
Hi everyone,
I want to sell these little microcontrollers. I pre-programmed them using the USB device seen above to send a signal to the ECM that tells the ECM the car is going slow enough for Auto Stop. I am just selling the controller, not the USB to TTL connector, but if you PM me about those maybe I can figure something out. You also need a SPDT switch of your choice, you're going to press it when you want Auto Stop.

This device is not suitable for a CVT, it might damage the transmission. I don't know anything about G2 Insights, but if there's a manual transmission G2 then this or a similar implementation might be applicable.

This is a much simpler engine-off-coast solution than a full injector-kill setup, and doesn't require you to fish lines into the engine bay from the passenger compartment. Using one of these actually engages Auto Stop, so when the engine is off, all you need to do to restart is put the shifter into a gear. You also don't get any of the warning lights on the instrument cluster, instead you'll get the green flashing Auto Stop indicator.

This information is subject to change
Right now at IC we can only edit posts for a short amount of time before the forum won't allow further edits. If you are reading this post after August 2016 please go later in the thread to look for updates, or send me a PM. The cost of the units might change, or I might stop selling them, so send me a PM or read later posts for updated information.

This engages Auto Stop, so certain conditions need to be met:
  • Engine water temp above about 130掳F
  • Outside air temp above 32掳F (unless DPDT + resistor, see installation)
  • IMA not experiencing negative recal
  • IMA not experiencing forced recharge from recent 12V batt disconnection
  • AC off

To use this, when driving, come to a situation where you want to engine off coast. Put the shifter into neutral. Press whatever button or switch that you installed with this. Car should Auto Stop, even if you're going at like 60mph. If car doesn't immediately Auto Stop, give the brakes a quick tap and then it will Auto Stop. When you're ready to go again, release the switch or set it to the other setting, then put the shifter into gear.

Note: In an emergency you can immediately shift into gear to get the engine to restart without releasing your switch, just make sure you release the switch eventually because as long as it's enabled you won't get any IMA functions.

Installation will be in the next post.
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These days I put the button on a small bracket (just a small rectangle of scrap aluminum maybe about 1.5" x 3.5") that I screw to the yellow plastic shifter mount under the cupholder. I have it arranged so that when the driver moves the shifter all the way to the left in neutral it will push the EFAS button. This way there's no change to the appearance of the car on the inside.
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Natalya, when you get a chance, would you please consider posting a picture of that? I'm having a little trouble visualizing your switch mounting.

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Natalya, when you get a chance, would you please consider posting a picture of that? I'm having a little trouble visualizing your switch mounting.
Found it in another thread:
I've been really interested in the modification to my car. I've looked at all the forums on this. gotten a few ideas of my own that maybe I'd implement in a future custom board. My current board was designed off of the original Efas circuit, on pg 4 of the auto-stop microcontroller forum. I'll be installing it soon, I've uploaded the code to the microcontroller. Hopefully, I followed everything correctly, It's a simple circuit after all. I'm trying to figure out the best place for wiring the clutch switch and the Efas button. Eventually, I'll have one on my steering wheel. But I was hoping to find the schematic for the newer Efas circuit. Cause that has a lot of cool features. Maybe I'll try to reverse-engineer it and create the schematic myself. But if someone already has one I'd love to see it.
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