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Hi Mike:

___The Event was all about the Ford Escape Hybrid’s FE but it was so much more as well. Punching out FE numbers beyond what the Ford Engineers best to date was child’s play but speaking with 70 engineers directly responsible for the Escape HEV’s development was priceless. I thoroughly enjoyed the event for all the other reasons including the ability to hear and see first hand both the passion and dedication of all the Ford employees involved.

___In regards to the FE experience, the Ford engineers really had nothing to offer in that respect ;)

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
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Ford escape

:lol: I just bought the wife a 4 wheel drive hybrid Escape. I drive a 2006 insight manual transmission. I drove the escape to work and got 32 mpg at 70 mph using cruise control.Hymotion makes a kit that adds another battery which allows it to go 60 miles on electric only! I will have this kit installed. You do have to plug it in to charge the battery. Arturo

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We had an escape at UYV2
the batterypack is huge, 250 cells, but still uses NIMH "D" cells. They have an elaborate battery controller with cooling as well as heating to keep the pack in the sweet spot temperature range. Nice piece of engineering.
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