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If I lived in Massachusets I would now know which garage I would be going to!

Hi Cakely:

___It is too bad there are not more mechanics like Craig around to service our Insight’s. I would rather have him do the job then even a trained Honda tech!

___Thank you for the links … The 164,000 mile 5-speed Insight was a breath of fresh air as well.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
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The 164k mile Insight had me asking a few??

The guy replaced the spark plugs 8 times? That would be every 21k miles :roll:

What wires had to be replaced 8 times :?:
The Insight doesn't have spark plug wires... I wonder if the mechanic he used just scammed him 8) And told him he replaced the plugs and wires :!:

He did change his oil and filter every 5k.

The air filter was changed ever 12k miles..??

I was happy to read that the car has 164000 miles without a need for the battery.

To bad I didn't live up north. I would drive a few hours if I had someone like him to work on my car. The last Honda tech I had look at my car didn't even know what "lean burn" was!
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