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Four deer and still no significant damage

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Yes, I hit another deer :cry: That's two in a little over a month and three in a year. Actually the deer ran into the left side, so the only damage is my fender is no longer there and the wheel cover is cracked. I'm beginning to think that silver Insights make some sort of sound that attracts deer :!: The damages have been: $850, $1257, and this time will probably be around $1000. Two of the three deer have survived. I just filled up my tank and drove home and got the best mileage(75MPG) I've gotten in a while in this cold weather we've been having. I've been struggling to hit 60MPG. Is it possible the aerodynamics of the car are better with the fender gone :?:
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windmill said:
I do realy feel bad for you, 3th time.... :cry: I hope you are ok. Are there any deer detectors for sale for this unfortunate guy?
Good luck!!

Greetz Windmill
I'm fine, but am becoming a little phobic about driving at night or off main roads. And deer whistles don't work, my car is proof of that :!:
Tim Maddux said:
stevo12886 said:
target has this little do-hicky that you can put in the airdam that makes a wistle that scares deer away
No, what he needs to try is a deer whistle.

Like I said, my car is proof deer whistles don't work. I have one.
Rick said:
Hmmm, maybe a headlight upgrade would help? A drop in (real) HID retrofit would run you about $400, but at the rate your paying for repairs it might give you enough time to react. The main advantage is that you get a lot more light immediately to the sides of the car and the beams will extend a lot futrher and the whiter light will probably help you see faint things a lot sooner. Also, on things like signs they glow in HID light, maybe Deer eyes will be noticable from futrher away?

Just some suggestions. I know nothing about avoiding deer. I live many hours away from where there would even be a living deer.
Head light upgrades wouldn't help. All three deer appeared from the side out of nowhere. I would have to have another set of headlights on the sides of the car aimed into the woods. Wish I lived in Arizona and didn't have to worry about deer.
Thanks for the links, Stevo. I saw both articles before, and have seen the electronic deer alerts for sale, but read an article saying there wasn't any research to determine if they work. I think I might try one anyway. Can't hurt, unless it scares deer and some of them run towards the road.
Tim Maddux said:
bfivelover said:
Like I said, my car is proof deer whistles don't work.
Yeah, but you should really try a deer whistle. :p
Am I missing something Tim? I've been spelling it corectly. Or are you talking about something else?
Let's make that four deer. Hit one head on yesterday morning on the way to work. Fortunately, I was able to slam on the brakes enought that the only damage appears to be that the hood is very slightly raised on the right side, and I have to sit on it to close it. The deer, after flying head over heals, got up and continued on it's merry way. Didn't hurt the mileage since I got 73 on the way to work this morning as I carefully scanned the road with both eyes looking out for more deer. Four deer and still racking up great mileage :D . What a car :!:
james said:
"The deer, after flying head over heals, got up and continued on it's merry way."

And here I thought you'd taken up hunting for the table :)
Being a vegan, it's not likely I'll be taking up hunting anytime soon :wink: Actually, the deer seem to be hunting for my car and taking "shots" at it with their bodys. Almost got number five yesterday. I am so freaked about driving when it's dark that I fly home without regards to my MPG so I can get home while it's still daylight.
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