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Four deer and still no significant damage

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Yes, I hit another deer :cry: That's two in a little over a month and three in a year. Actually the deer ran into the left side, so the only damage is my fender is no longer there and the wheel cover is cracked. I'm beginning to think that silver Insights make some sort of sound that attracts deer :!: The damages have been: $850, $1257, and this time will probably be around $1000. Two of the three deer have survived. I just filled up my tank and drove home and got the best mileage(75MPG) I've gotten in a while in this cold weather we've been having. I've been struggling to hit 60MPG. Is it possible the aerodynamics of the car are better with the fender gone :?:
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target has this little do-hicky that you can put in the airdam that makes a wistle that scares deer away (i wonder if it would work for other animals, cats, dogs, chickens...)
heres one, not the one i saw, but this works on electricity ... B0000AN40Y

heres a website on avoiding deer colitions

and an interesting article concerning deer wistles
the greatest is when they actually hit you....the back right door..could you imaging?
that sux, you should get one of those hornet things....they will fix your car if you are hit.
im also confused
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