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Hey everyone...

I was wondering if anyone has any info for the Fram SureDRAIN oil drain plug replacement. When referring to Fram's parts catalog book (in store not online), it said the SD-2 (M14x1.5 thread size) model fits the Insight. However, if I recall correctly, someone on the Yahoo groups forums posted something about the thread size being slightly too large (or was it small?). Anyone else give this product a try?

Also, I believe some people here were interested in finding easier ways to remove the oil filter. If you don't want to spend too much, Walmart sells a 3/8" drive type wrench that fits the Insight for under three bucks. It's a plastic type wrench with a metal drive insert. The brand of it is "Stride Tool" and it's the "Type B" size. Sure beats the price that Honda wants for their hex nut wrench (>$20 bucks).
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