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A while ago before I bought a civic armrest and forced it to fit my Insight I was in contact with a small scale designer/manufacturer who was going to look into making an armrest to fit the Insight properly. Things have changed for me but I told him I would pass on his offer of a free armrest in exchange for measurements and test fitting. I've seen examples of his work online and they look to be of very good quality.

Here is the text of the email from Witold.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll pass along his email address.

Six months ago you inquired about Honda insight armrest. Finally we got to the point to design one for this model.
I already bought center console from Honda dealer.
Since insight is not in a showroom I would like to offer you a deal. If you
provide me with a couple of measurements and pictures after installation I
will send you one armrest for free. This armrest will sell for at least
$80USD plus shipping so I hope you say 'YES' to my offer.
Since I already have a center console, I need two measurements:

1) Distance between back supports of two seats to see how wide armrest can
2) Distance between two levels: first level is top surface of the center
console and second level is the point where Seat meets Back support of the
seat. This measurement is needed to find out how tall armrest should be for
the best comfort of your elbow.
I hope I made myself clear.

I would prefer measurements done in centimeters if posible

Please let me know if you accept my offer.

Best regards,

Witold Swirski

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sounds cool, i'm in. you have PM.
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