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Sorry if this is already posted somewhere; I did a search and couldn't find any reference to it.

US Department of Energy (DOE) Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) has a program called the Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity (AVTA). They have tested a number of hybrids, including several Insights. At the following web-site there are reports of fuel efficiency and operating costs for several Insights used as fleet vehicles, and a longer report on road testing of a 5-spd Insight:

Of the Insight fact sheets, I think only one vehicle was a 5-spd, the rest were CVT. The fuel economy numbers are interesting. The Total Cost of Ownership is wide-ranging, and is defined as:
"Total Ownership Cost - Total ownership cost includes the Purchase Cost less the Sale Price (or NADA Used Vehicle Price for vehicles still in operation) divided by the total mileage of the evaluation vehicle for the period covered by the data sheet, plus Maintenance Cost and Operating Cost."

I think that the Total Cost was strongly influenced by the number of miles on the vehicle at the end of the test, with low-mileage vehicles having a high cost per mile, but I did not confirm this by checking every sheet.

At least two of the CVTs had to be replaced, as well as at least one battery pack and some body parts (user damage).

Note also that Figure 7 near the end of Pomona Loop Open Road Test Results uses data from to plot Lifetime MPG vs. Average Highway Speed. I don't know whether the data used for the graph include MT and CVT vehicles.


Hi Randy:

___Some more discussion, deductions, and possible conclusions of the Dept of Energy HEV report can be seen here.

___Good Luck

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