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Friday 6 Insight sightings all in one day!

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I saw 6 different Insights on Friday all silver.

As I do everytime I see an Insight I check out who is driving. I was surprised as all the Insights I saw were different drivers.

1) Around 7am on 880 going south just before 237

2) Around 4pm going north on 101 just passed SFO

3) Around 4:30 on 80 going west around Berkeley. Stuck not being in the carpool lane :(

4) Two different ones on the 80 going west around San Pablo and Pinole. Both in the carpool lane :D

5) Around 6pm going west on 80 around Fairfield. I was behind the last one for a while. I was the guy in a big white work van who kept waving every time you looked in the rear view mirror.

That was definately a record number of Insights for me to see in one day.

How many have other people seen in a day?