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Front Bumper - A hole/skrew - What is it for?

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On the front bumper on the driverside, there is a panel that when removed is a place that has a female socket for some sort of skrew. What is this for?
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I believe that is your tow hook. Not sure.
way too small

its way too small and off place. someone mentioned it maybe a way to directly charge teh batteries with the right equipment. is this the case?

That is the place for towing or being loaded on a flat bed for hauling. The attachment or "eye bolt" that is screwed in is located in the plastic bag where the spare is. It is also explained in the "owners manual".

I used mine once when I had to get pulled out of the sand in the desert.
Thank you for asking that question. I just got my Insight a couple of weeks ago and I was wondering what that was.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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