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Front suspension rattling noise

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:?: Anyone else encountered this? I suspect one or more of the CV joints is at fault as I can detect play in the long driveshaft. My car has covered 36000 miles and is due for a service at the dealer so it should get sorted under the warranty but I just wondered if anyone else has had parts replaced on the front suspension or heard any annoying rattles that shouldn't be there?

Coming up for three years ownership and this is the first problem I've had. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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I had heard some sort of rattling at the end of this last winter. Sounded like it was comming from the front of the car. I didn't know what to think of it. The rattle did go away though, so I just put it out of mind.

2000 5 Spd
25,500 Miles
Problem solved?

This thread died about 4 years ago(!,) but I was wondering if either of you guys determined the problem. I may be having the same issue.

I just had the front brakes replaced at 37.500 miles. After the service, I get a sort of "clacking" noise from the front of the car when I hit bumps. The Honda dealer that replaced the brakes can't find anything wrong, but I know it didn't make any noise before I brought it to them!
I am noticing a bit of a clacking sound in my baby. Seems to be from the passenger door area when I am driving (on occasion). Since I had my car at Honda for routine service recently I am suspecting the service crew screwed something up.
Is there any hope for the Insight with Honda techs working on our cars?
Your "clacking" may be the passenger side seatbelt clip, especially when going over rough ground. (It bangs against the interior plastic next to the passenger seat.)

stabilizer bars

I had this problem, and replaced the front 2 stabilizer bars. It helped eliminate the front clunking noise. I still have to replace the plates and bearings on the front spring/shocks. I'd say that is the problem. There are only two bolts for each one with a hex head in the middle to unloosen. Mine were very rotted, and had to cut away the bolt/nut. Tip: get a really good lock wrench if you do this job.
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