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226k miles

54.5 LMPG

Runs and drives great and has been very reliable as my daily driver. However I am 6'7'' and gas is cheap now, so I'm getting into something different. I'd strongly prefer to sell to someone one insight central since doing so will likely keep this car on the road a lot longer. All offers considered.

Known issues:
1. IMA (hybrid) battery is dead. This car is, and has at all times during my ownership been operated as a gas-only vehicle. I still average around 60 mpg highway and about 42 mpg city. However, the reduced pickup and acceleration due to the lack of the hybrid battery power is very noticeable, and requires altering your driving habits accordingly (e.g. leaving more space before pulling out into traffic/across traffic lanes, etc.)

2. Synchro's between gears one and two, and between two and three are in bad shape. No problems smoothly shifting up, but downshifting through these gears will yield a grinding sound unless you double clutch down. I always double clutch and have had no issues smoothly downshifting.

3. Check engine light is on, as well as maintenance required"dummy light". The code thrown indicates an issue with an oxygen sensor. However, my mechanic friend believes the issue stems from a small hole in the catalytic converter. These lights have been on throughout my 4 year ownership of the vehicle and have not yielded any observable problems.

4. AC is inoperable. Compressor runs and blower blows, so likely a freon recharge will do the trick, but this is by no means a certainty.

5. Driver's side power window doesn't work, so this window won't roll down. It is secure in the closed position.

My post count isn't high enough to permit me to place my CL link or directly post pics, so PM me and I'll provide that if you are interested.

Location: Tallahassee, FL
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