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I'm selling my Insight, please see the details below and reach me via email/call/text for more info. Thank you

2001 Honda Insight
-Hybrid 3dr hatchback
-Monte carlo blue
-179k miles
-5spd manual transmission with A/C
-Hybrid battery turned off (It needs repair/replace)
-Driving without hybrid battery assist - still getting 53mpg
-Updated price $2750

additional photos here: Honda Insight Photos by adamlitchfield | Photobucket

I've owned this car and commuted to work in it 5 days/week for the last 3+ years. Been a great car and hard to let it go. It has been very low maintenance and very fun to drive. I'll try to list all the pros/cons I can think of. I've never had any mechanical issues besides hybrid battery and I had to replace the AC compressor. I've not gotten the hybrid battery checked out, so don't know exactly what it takes to fix. I've still been very pleased with the car without the hybrid assist (which went out a few months back). This car has been the easiest I've ever owned, always does what it should and reliable. I commute a lot on the highway each day, and this car has saved me thousands in gas expense over the past 3 years. It's surprisingly roomy and can carry a good amount of cargo. I used to think I couldn't do with just 1 passenger seat, but for 95% of the driving time, it's me or plus 1 person anyways. Here's the best points that come to mind about specifics on my car:

-Good shape overall - runs well
-Paint, interior and body in good condition overall
-Clean title
-Healthy engine, no engine troubles
-3 owners total (It's been my work commuter car for the past 3 years) - driven with care
-Car has lived in the south, away from snow regions (TN and GA)
-AC blows very cold (Installed new AC compressor 1 year ago)
-Heat and defrost work great
-Maintained car regularly, oil always changed
-JVC Bluetooth stereo (hands-free with mic for cell phone integration) and upgraded door speakers
-Drives straight - no alignment issues
-Over life of car - has gotten 53.5 mpg, (been driving for a few months without hybrid battery assist, still getting 53mpg).
-With Hybrid battery assist, I used to get between 53-59mpg
-10 gal tank will go 500+ miles
-New 12 volt battery
-Car starts great
-Car has been incredibly reliable, needed very few things fixed/repaired
-Handles well at all speeds
-Tires have decent tread left - high efficiency tires
-No oil leaks, maintains oil levels perfectly
-Upgraded all weather floor mats
-Factory remote door lock works great
-Never had an issue with engine temperature
-Brakes and power steering all work great
-Lighting/speakers great
-These cars never needs plugged in, take basic unleaded gas

-Hybrid battery needs repaired/replaced
-Power windows can be a little slow sometimes (haven't fixed yet, as they've always worked)
-Passenger door has some dents/dings from a fender bender - not super noticeable (see photos)
-For downshifting into 2nd gear, rev matching is recommended for it to be smooth shift (common Honda issue) - never a problem. (Shifting up to 2nd is perfect, and up/down from all other gears is perfectly smooth)
-Few minor cosmetic things here and there, but you can see photos to judge overall shape

Updated price $2750.
I'm in the Chattanooga, TN area. Please email, call, or text me Adam at 423-Four.1.3-one.nine.five.8
Be happy to let you test drive it/check it out. I'm free most evenings, or weekends.
Thanks, Adam

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Updated Price

Updated price from $4,350 to $3,475.
Looking to sell sooner than later.
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