I'm selling my 2001 Honda Insight (long time forum member/lurker)..........
  • Asking Price - $2000
  • Year - 2001
  • Color - Blue
  • Transmission (5spd/CVT) - CVT
  • Current Mileage - 287k
  • Location - Metro Detroit, Michigan
  • High Voltage Battery Age/Condition - Assumed to be original HV battery, includes RBbatteries grid charger (purchased and installed in 2019)
  • Transmission Condition - Occasional lurching pulling away from a stop
  • Engine or IMA Codes Showing - None
  • Interior Condition Summary - 7/10 (includes aftermarket head unit - I think I still have the original that I pulled out, l need to confirm. Sll electrics work, AC blows cold, typical wear marks inside)
  • Exterior Condition Summary - 6/10 (some paint peeling on a-pillar, stone chips on hood, peeling black trim around windows and mirrors, hood lip had broken clip so I removed it)

I purchased this in 2014 from a forum member in NY state:

Clean, green Michigan title. No known accidents/history. No lien. I'm happy to share the CarFax I purchased in 2014 before buying the car, here's the VIN if you'd like to run your own: JHMZE14761T002808.

I have not driven the car for a little over a year (due to a new vehicle purchase) - I've now come to the realization it's better off in someone else's hands. It's been sitting still for a year, and as such has the following issues:
  • Dead 12V battery - Replaced this week with new item
  • Sticky hood latch mechanism/cable.
  • Brake pedal goes to the floor and has poor braking performance - assumed to be a ceased calliper. I've driven it slowly around my neighbourhood, but I wouldn't feel comfortable regularly driving it longer distances in it's current state.

It's been a fantastic car for me - I would love for it to be scooped up by a fellow enthusiast from the forum, get revived and enjoyed.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, I'm happy to do a FaceTime walkaround and I welcome any inspections if you'd like to come check it out.