I'm selling a LIBCM powered lithium battery pack. It was made using with the generation 3 Honda Insight modules and parts from a OEM generation 1 battery. This pack is prebuilt and the price includes installation in Madison, Wisconsin.

The LiBCM project is currently in beta so you will need to update the software every 40 days and follow certain precautions. I believe there is an agreement you will need to sign with mudder before I can transfer ownership.

The battery fuse has been upgraded to 150 amps and is current hack ready.

Installation should take around 2 hours but it may take longer if their factors related to the car that make the installation more complicated (mods grid, chargers, non battery. IMA related issue. If there is an issue with your car outside of the IMA that somehow prevents the IMA from working (like a mouse chew through your wiring harness) I will try my best to fix it within a period of 4 hours. If for some reason I can't figure it during that period of time, then the buyer would have the option of backing out of the sale, purchasing continued support from me at $75 per hour. Outside private technical support is also available from mudder at $100 an hour.

I can guarantee the battery for a 30 days against any sort of installation error. If I make a mistake it is on me however it's not my first install and I am very confident that I have the process down at this point. I do not offer a warranty if there is an issue with your car or non-installation error issue with LiBCM.

Things to check for before you install lithium:

1. Make sure they are no water leaks in your vehicle. Places to look for wet spots include the floor mats, seat belts, and most importantly the IMA Bay. You should check moisture after a large rain to the right of the IMA battery. There's a spot underneath the tom mix bar where a large amount of water will collect if it is coming through the wiring plug connection for the rear hatch. It can also come in from the back near the tires. For the back side from the top quarter panel. Search for the wet seat belt for the top quarter panel leak as well as the wet seat belt leak. Front floor mat leaks could be the door steals or other places.

2. Check that you have a good 12 volt battery and good ground straps.

3. Look up any check engine light codes or better yet look up the "blink codes" for more information.

4. Consider if you want to install a manual IMA device and/or notify me of what kind you have. If manual IMA device is not installed then you should install a Calpod switch which will allow you to manually disengage the IMA system. It is strongly recommended to have a Mima or calpod during beta and you will need to sign a liability release if go against this recommendation.

I can add the calpod switch at added cost if one does not feel confident, installing it themselves. It is important to disconnect the 12 volt battery when installing the calpod, or any other electronics, yourself.

5. Notify me of any grid chargers that are attached to the battery. The type of grid chargers used for the nickel metal highlight batteries are not compatible with LiBCM. LIBCM includes a different type of special grid charger. You're old NiMH grid charger is guaranteed not to work and would be dangerous to use with lithium.

6. Watch this safety video

7. Understand that lithium and water do not mix. In the event of an emergency (like a car crash), do not use water on a lithium fire. If you see fumes or smoke, leave the area and avoid breathing them.

This price is for the first pack that I am selling. Future pricing is subject to change depending on battery availability and the price of the LIBCM hardware.