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For sale: 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid 5MT Transmission

Why: I've swapped transmissions in my Insight with my Frankenstein setup. I used the case from the HCH1 and replaced all the gears/differential with a set from a 2007 Honda Fit. So these HCH1 gears would be ideal for someone who wants to take on the task of swapping out the stock gears for something a little shorter with a little closer ratio but still maintain good MPG.

Condition: I don't know the mileage on the transmission as I pulled the transmission from a salvage yard. The HCH1 didn't look like it had any mechanical issues so my guess is that the battery went. However you can tell it had a lot of miles on it because the ISB was starting to make noise and the seal was starting to leak. But you can check the pictures to see what they look like as it doesn't look like the previous owner was grinding any gear. There is a slight wear mark on the input shaft seal, but is so slight that you would just make sure that the oil seal is just not directly on it when installing.

Asking Price: I'm looking for $200 + shipping

Location: I'm located in Southern California near Cypress (10 minutes south of Knott's Berry Farm).

Notes for those wanting to swap into the 1G Insight trans case:
1. The differential comes with the set or I can remove the ring gear and leave it behind, but the differential itself won't fit in the stock insight trans case. The two have near identical differentials, just the output shafts wall thickness on the insight is thinner using smaller bearings that don't swap between the two.
2. The tip of the mainshaft needs to have a small modification to clear the stock pilot bearing clearance. There is a small step that needs to be matched to the end of the mainshaft (about 1/4") so that it provides clearance for the pilot bearing.
3. The stock reverse gear (idler gear) and shaft for the gear in the insight is the same ratio, but both the shaft and gear were lightened by Honda, so I'd just keep the Insight reverse gear in the trans.
4. I haven't tried to swap over the entire set into the stock case, but I did check bearing clearances, axle splines, main shaft splines, etc etc and it all looks good save for the couple items above. However, I have not physically verified it myself as I only have a spare stock bell housing that checked with.

Notes for those wanting to swap into the Honda Fit trans case:
1. 100% works, I have swapped back and forth and no problems.
2. The mainshaft is also the same part number between the HCH1 and the GD3 Fit.
3. On 2008 Fits and newer I noticed everything seems the same, except ratios changed and the differential had a different method of reading speed so a person would want to swap the ring gear onto the stock differential.

Link to album of images.

If you have any further questions let me know.

I'll try to respond quickly, but sometimes I don't see the notifications, so bear with me if I don't respond immediately.
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