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Hadn't really thought about price, I KBB'd just as a starting spot and lists $2k for 'fair' condition, so I guess that's my starting price, but best offer takes. Need to sell by June.


I have a 2000 honda insight that I am no longer driving in TUCSON.

I have kept it because my plan was to fix it up, but I'm never going to have time and I'm in process of moving to Minnesota, so I'm going to sell it.

2000 Honda Insight
Miles: ~130k
I still drive it as a secondary vehicle for long trips and drives fine with disconnected battery pack per forum threads.
Interior is in pretty good shape, tires are decent, and trunk still opens.
See below for details, but needs to new pack. I'm in Minnesota, but will be in arizona weekend of April 18th and May 29th and if you want to see it between then, my wife or a friend could probably show it to you. I have worked with Hybrid Revolt before, and I could probably get a new pack in it, but honestly, for hwy miles, I haven't seen any difference in MPGs with battery disconnected.

Primary Issues:
-IMA - needs new battery pack
-SRS - undiagnosed SRS error that came up after I had my windshield replaced from a crack. Been driving it for long time without issue, but might want to take a look at it if concerned with this sort of thing.

Lesser Issues
-Needs new paint job.
-Trunk hydraulics shot
-Front bumper has seen its better days (cracking/chips/loose)
-Right wheel cover needs adjustment


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I tried adding a pic. Let me know if you can't see it. Also to answer your questions...

Yes, AC works. Quit well actually. FYI though, without IMA car is more sluggish while running AC.

Yes, as I think all 2000 models, this is a 5 speed manual

Color is silver.

Starting Price at $2k per KBB, but I don't really know what these are going for.
Will consider offers below or above $2k, but I have some time to sell this thing so I'm not going to sell it for chump change.

If interested, message me and I will give you phone/email.
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