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SOLD // S2000 AP1 leather steering wheel, fits Insight

This part is now sold! Thanks

Hey guys,
I've had this same steering wheel in my 2001 Insight for about 4 years, I came across an extra while modding my S2000 so now I've got a spare to sell.

It is a direct replacement for the Insight, the airbag even matches perfectly. You do have to remove the plastic cover and cruise control switches from the S2000 wheel, and switch the plastic cover from your Insight wheel. This all takes just a few minutes.

This is black leather and has a much much better feel than the rubbery Insight wheel. Perfect if yours is worn out.

The top part of the leather is scuffed up on this wheel but the rest is in good shape, hence the low price. I tried to take pics but it's hard to see. You could possibly fix it (paint it?) if you cared, or just use it like I did.

$60 shipped by Paypal (email [email protected] or PM)


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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