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Fuel Injector code P0172 'Too Rich'

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Our VIN #148 (2000) has had four O2 sensors replaced under warranty.
In 2004 we footed the bill for yet another O2 sensor out of warranty.

Now this month we have a similar idle surging issue (200 - 2500 RPM with stalling, battery drained, engine light on), and took it to the shop. Shop says code # is P0172, which means 'fuel mixture too rich'. They want to replace the fuel injectors (three of them I presume) for $850.

We purchased this car to a) save the environment and b) save money. If we have $1,000 repair bills every year we cannot meet objective #2.

Service man says the fuel injectors need to be replaced -- so I ask this forum:

Why so many bad O2 sensors, and why now the fuel injectors?

Cannot the fuel injectors be flushed or somehow cleaned, rather than replaced?


Geoffrey Smith
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Which dealer do you use? Same one all the time?
Suggest a second opinion.Injectors can be cleaned.
Going thru that many sensors is un heard of. Need info on recalls performed, (not recals).

I recommend Tipton Honda in El Cajon.
Talk to "Ray", he is the Hybrid gru, also the lead man in the service department.
They have been great to me, even beyond the warranty.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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