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Fuel Injector code P0172 'Too Rich'

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Our VIN #148 (2000) has had four O2 sensors replaced under warranty.
In 2004 we footed the bill for yet another O2 sensor out of warranty.

Now this month we have a similar idle surging issue (200 - 2500 RPM with stalling, battery drained, engine light on), and took it to the shop. Shop says code # is P0172, which means 'fuel mixture too rich'. They want to replace the fuel injectors (three of them I presume) for $850.

We purchased this car to a) save the environment and b) save money. If we have $1,000 repair bills every year we cannot meet objective #2.

Service man says the fuel injectors need to be replaced -- so I ask this forum:

Why so many bad O2 sensors, and why now the fuel injectors?

Cannot the fuel injectors be flushed or somehow cleaned, rather than replaced?


Geoffrey Smith
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Awesome tips! Thank you.

VIN 148 was purchased used at 16,000 miles in Fullerton, CA. Engine light was already on, and O2 sensor (#1) was not avail at shop. We had local San Diego dealer install.

Three O2 sensors replaced under warranty, and also the ECM was recalled/replaced. I don't have the codes handy, but they were 'bad O2' codes. This was all done at Cush Honda in San Diego/Mission Valley, under warranty.

In 2004 O2 was replaced by Poway Honda, out of warranty. They said the previous 'bad O2' codes were mis-reported due to faulty ECM. This report (sorry don't have the code handy) is 'for sure'.

May 2005, idle surging, drained batt, engine light on, took to Cush Honda in Escondido (all three shops have been dealers). He wants to replace injectors for $850. (Also replace a rat-chewed a/c wire for $350.)

Prior to this latest malady, have had no idle problems, no auto-stop stalls, no cold running problems. Clutch seems to be going -- it lurches at cruising speeds, sort of like 'slack' gear, just between coast and acceleration it often lurches.

Haven't had injectors cleaned. Haven't tested fuel mix. Praying to God that the catalytic converters are ok.

Next stop: The Dealer, where I will discuss this with him.

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Yesterday I went ahead and authorized the injector replacement at the dealer. Cost of the injectors (and 'rail'?) is about $388 from Honda. The rest is time. Time is money, and they spent the time, not me.

Looks like I'll be learning how to repair my own Honda very shortly!

I will certainly check out the El Cajon shop you mentioned.

What is the 'That sounds like the classic EGR problem."? Is that another discussion thread? 'Exhaust Gas Recirculation', right? You think that would explain the lurching problem we often have while cruising (not related to his current idle surging)?

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