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Is full throttle acceleration safe to use all the time? I mean, doesn't that cause unneccessary premature wear to the engine/car? I mean, how [moderator typo fix, deleted typo post, you can self edit too] much gas are you really saving? Just curious.

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Maximum accelleration does not maximize fuel savings.

Why: 1. This action engages the secondary Vtec valves, increasing engine losses. 2. lean burn is disabled. 3. Tire/road interface losses increase. 4. IMA pack use increases resulting in a 40 percent loss through motor/battery interface.

These losses are obscured by the shortening of the accelleration period.

On the plus side: 1.pumping losses are decreased. 2. The time for background power useage of the vehicle is decreased.

Emperical proof: Hypermilers don't use this technique in competition.
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