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Ok, the question is in how to best deal with this situation, the common and annoying stripped oil plug drain bolt.

Here's my situation. The car had oil changes done at a shop (usually, if not always, at a Honda dealer) but when I changed it myself for the first time, I pulled out a nice coil of threads with the bolt too. Lovely. I hopped on here to look for answers. I ended up hopping on the motorcycle (my only other transportation) and went down to the local parts store to get an M14 oversize drain plug. Worked great. Now this time, I think I may have stripped it again, even though I was being super careful.

-> Now here is what I am thinking - find/buy an M16 tap, tap the drain plug to 16mm, and then get the Fumoto F108n to put in there. Does anyone see a problem with that?

-> Would the Fumoto valve be strong enough (and the magnesium weak enough) to just cut it's own threads in the ~14.5mm hole I have now?

-> If the Fumoto valve is the last thing I am going to screw in there, do I need to bother using a helicoil/time-sert? If so, would a 14mm ID helicoil have an OD large enough that it would work in my currently oversize hole?
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