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I teach a class 2 nights per week at a "career development center". One of my students just bought an early 90's Acura Legend and had his 'buddy' put a new stereo in it. What a hack-job! This guy had wires coming out of everywhere! His power wire had shorted from the + battery terminal against the hood of the car - nearly burned a hole clear through the hood!

Anyway...He was parked next to my Insight one evening last week. As we were taking a break, I ran out to my car to grab some change. He was showing off his 'system', so I just quietly slipped into the Insight...turned on the stereo...and proceeded to completely drown him out. 8)

The look on their faces was absolutely priceless. They couldn't figure out how I had such a 'bumping system' in such a small car with no apparent extra gear - other than the aftermarket head-unit.
I showed them the under-seat amp and the shoebox sub - you'd have thought I was James Bond or something! Particularly when I told them the entire system was put in with no drilling or otherwise modifying the car.

Anyway - just had to share that! :)
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