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I've got the following parts for sale, from a 2000 CVT silver car that is with me no more.
* spare tire (standard donut that came with the car; 115/70/14
*left rear taillight assembly
  • front headlight assemblies (three total: two driver side, one passenger side)
  • passenger door mirror assembly
  • front bumper/bumper cover
  • the little Honda emblem wheel centerpieces that pop on and off
  • miscellaneous stuff, like rear hatch cargo container, IMA fan and housing, interior door pillar trim, etc
I'd like to get this stuff out of my garage rather than maximize the sale value, so make me an offer.
I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Also, I've been a forum member since 2008, although my profile now makes it appear that I just joined. My old email (linked to my account here of "elcerritotom") is expired, and I couldn't remember my old password. So new ID is "elcerritotom1". I tried writing the forum support email asking for help to address that but didn't hear back.
Current car is a 2001 silver MT, with a nice Bumblebee battery in it.
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