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Selling my first gen insight, has a decent history with paperwork, fluids changed last year along with the spark plugs and scott's rear springs. There is cosmetic damage on the passenger side where the previous owner hit something and had it welded back (a bit poorly) and a good portion of the underside is pushed back maybe an inch or two. When I talked to Scott about last year he agreed it was cosmetic and the only thing that I noticed was the gap to get to the oil filter was easier to get to and I was unable to get Scott's aluminum underbody panel because the screws didn't line up. The hood on the passenger side is about half an inch raised over the driver's side which isn't noticeable unless you look for it. The paint job is a bit scuffed here and there as well. Other than that it has most of the paperwork for the work done on it as well as the EGR plate being completely cleaned out last year and a GreenTec Battery installed around a year and some ago. It does need new tires but the clutch catches well still and I've been driving it around a year with no issues other then changing the oil every 7k miles full synthetic. I averaged between 55-63 MPG each tank. No mods have been done on it. It's the 5 speed manual and lean burn works like normal. Most inclines I can take with the a slight assist coming in and getting 55mpg going uphills and maintaining whatever speed I was going except for after 55-60 it will slow down to around 50-55.


Runs fine

Has most of the paperwork

Battery ~1 and some years old

Clutch catches well and no grind between gears

AC works

Mechanically everything is sound


Scuffs around the body

The 1-2 inch damage to the passenger side (the radiator is slanted but no leaks or cracks, I've had it like that since I bought it and drove around a yearish with it with no problems)

Needs new tires

Price: $700 OBO

I really need to get rid of the car as I bought a new car and I'm moving in a couple days so I don't know where to put it after I move. Located in SoCal

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