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For Sale: $650 or best offer
2000 MT Silver
Approximately 270,000 miles
Located in south central Wisconsin nears Wisconsin dells
IMA LIGHT is in threw P1746 code, believe passenger side computer has failed
Trans moves in all gears but will grind some when downshifting to 2nd &/or 1st
High voltage battery doesn’t charge was replaced at approximately 170,000 miles
Interior is in good shape, driver seat is well worn on back, due to entry
Exterior is good, previous owner caused crack in front and rear bumpers, not severe
New Bridgestone tires with only 1000 miles of use.
Driver side window needs motor so it is left in up position
Exhaust is there but disconnected due to testing....vehicle suddenly stopped running under load
Thought the CAT may have been cause of poor operation so it was unbolted at top CAT
12 volt battery is bad
I believe #2 cylinder has been burning a bit of oil, definitely not excessive
Starts and will move but will not run under normal load

If you are interested or have other questions please contact me, PJ, at
[email protected]

1 - 2 of 2 Posts