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We purchased our 2002 Malibu Blue CVT w/AC in 11/02. The federal tax deduction brought the price down to a very affordable amount as we also received an end of the year discount.

The installed extras we've put into this vehicle include:

1. Blaupunkt SantaFe CD-32 stereo/CD from Crutchfield which fits in quite easily using the instructions
found on this web site for removing the factory unit as well as using the factory side mounts on the factory radio for
the new radio. The speakers, Pioneer KFC-1668S, were an exact replacement and the wiring adapters included for the radio and speakers worked flawlessly. We purchased and installed the rear factory speaker kit and it went in quite easily. This addition proved to be a superb audio enhancement.

2. Vent Shades were installed using the model numbers found on this web site and purchased from Murrays Auto, a national chain, for a reasonable amount. They were easily modified and installed without any problems so far, including going through a Michigan winter and car washes.

3. The windows, side and rear, were tinted and a small "arc" of tinting was placed on the front window at the top to keep the sun from blasting between the sun visors. This work was done at a local Ziebart center and it works quite nicely, no bubbles or poor cuts of the tinting material are visible and no problems with the side roll-down windows have occured with the tinting material. That is always a worry with after market tinting jobs.

We've also installed the factory carpet mats as well as purchasing after market mats called "Weather Tech" from MacNeil automotive ( which have proven to hold a "ton" of snow and water in the winter and kept the OEM mats clean and dry.

We've installed a Husco armrest between the seats. We've used this product before in several of our other Hondas and have found this to be a truly great product, well made, easily installed, and durable.

As far as how we like the car, so far we've put over 18000 miles on it, have just returned from a 3000 mile trip to Florida and Pennsylvania and the only "problem" that occured has been the drivers window not always going into the full automatic auto-down mode. A trip to our dealer resolved this and we're back up and running 100%

We're currently averaging 50-51MPG lifetime and on the current tank we're showing 61.3 MPG. On the 3000 mile trip we took recently, we spent only $58.00 total for gasoline. We don't have a total MPG for this as we didn't keep 100% record of gallons used but Hey, who else but Insight owners can make that kind of claim at this time?

Anyway, we've been following this discussion group since this site went on the web and we finally found some time to post our trials and tribulations.

Be well,


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Auto-down mode of left window

Thanks for the report! Good to hear all the goodies you put into the car.

I too had a problem with the full, auto-down feature of the window. It lasted maybe a month and it just went away after. I didn't want to take it to the dealer because it's such a hassle for a minor problem. What did the dealer do to fix the problem?

Happy cruising!

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I believe the window problem reguards a window regulator replacment and/or adjustment. Also over time the window bunches up in the run channel. If your having this problem, even intermitently I'd say take it to the dealership before the warranty runs out because the window regulator is kinda pricey. Also mention there is a tech service bulliten on it which will tell them exactly what to fix.
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