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A few days ago, my wife and I finally had the opportunity to take our newly acquired 5-speed 2000 Honda Insight on an extended road trip from St. Louis to Tulsa.

We took Interstate 44 into a stiff head wind, where we were struggling to keep it above 60 miles a gallon. We got off the interstate after about 150 miles and drove the rural two-lane roads that were old Route 66. This was not a bad thing, because my wife and I are Route 66 enthusiasts who try to drive the Mother Road when time allows. Here, because of the reduced speed, we nudged the mileage to 62 miles a gallon by the time we reached the Kansas-Missouri line near Joplin.

It's impressive to drive into downtown Tulsa after more than 400 miles and realize the gas tank's more than one-third full. It also was impressive to drive a lot of Tulsa city streets over the next 24 hours and maintain the 62 miles per gallon average.

Driving on old 66 on Oklahoma back to Kansas, we got a terrific 71 miles per gallon -- again because of the lower driving speed and also a decent tail wind. Back on the interstate, the Insight got 63 miles per gallon.

It's gratifying to be rewarded with markedly higher gas mileage while sight-seeing on The Mother Road.

Hi Rwarn17588:

___Thanks for sharing the trip highlights!

___It reminded me of our cross country vacation last summer in the MDX. I was on old Route 66 in the town of Braidwood, Il. (where I work) before we really even started and crossed it any number of times on our way down. One of the highlights for me as far as Route 66 is concerned was a section of I40 near Winslow, AZ. where the MDX was sitting in the 35 - 40 mpg range per the Instantaneous for ~ 30 - 40 miles. And who can forget the corner that the “Eagles” song writer was standing at watching a “girl, my lord, in a flat bed Ford slowing down to take a look at me …” ;) She was actually a female cop telling them to keep moving on :D

___Anyway, whenever we drive down to relatives in the Phoenix and Glendale, Az. area, Winslow and Flagstaff are always traversed and we can’t help but notice Route 66 on our journey time and time again …

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
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Yes, even I cannot forget the "66" nor the Eagles (Take it easy).
The meteorite-crater, Winslow, Flagstaff,........TRUXTON.

You heared right, Truxton. I was 10 years old when I locked myself inside the toilet in the coffee-shop there and couldn't get out. I struggled for a while with the door until suddenly it opened and I gazed up into the eyes of a native who "saved" me out of my misery......
You've got such a wonderful country. I'd love to drive it with an Insight.......
Or Beatty in Nevada. I wonder if the two Cadillacs are still standing outside the derelict motel.......
Terlingua, Texas with their chilli cook-out....
Estes Park, Colorado and them humming-birds in the evenings......

I've forgotten what fond memories I've had of your country. Damn terrorists.
Sorry, got carried away again. Back to topic.
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