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That was the headline of an article in my local paper today. It listed various cars that will no longer be available for 07. As we all know by now, the Insight is among them. They had this to say about the Insight.

"This pioneering gas/electric hybrid hatch was never a big seller, but the sleekly shaped two-passenger Insight showed what real operational economy was all about, acheiving 70 mpg in goverment tests and a range of up to 750 miles before refueling. Spawning numerous successors in its six year run, the Insight is headed to a well-earned retirement".

Interestingly also no longer available is the H1 Hummer, Pontiac GTO (v-8, 400hp), and Volkswagen Phaeton(12 cylinder)

R.I.P Honda Insight..... :(
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