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hi all. it will be a little difficult to break down all the exact numbers here but i will try.
2000 5 sp insight, red, 37k miles, floor mats, honda certified used car, purchased from dealership. great condition except it was owned by a smoker.
$10,676 plus tax and license

added to that, on a whim i mentioned that it would take that they trade in my truck for $9000. (i still think this price was ok but i have to think i could have gotten more. until i read an ad for an '04 for $8750)

2003 ford ranger xlt, 5sp, 4600 miles, bedliner, sliding window.
sticker was over 15k. BUT i payed $10,600 out the door and then added the $100 window, and the $200 bedliner. i guess i was in it for 10900 but adding tax isnt right.
they gave me the $9000

i ended up spending a little over 2500 for the deal.

Hi Kookmeyers:

___I think you did Ok given the prices of gasoline over the last few weeks … Here is my own 03 Ford Ranger XLT’s purchase particulars: Have you purchased a Ford lately?. I picked up the Honda certified Insight w/ 28,421 on her for $10,000 from a Honda dealer quite a ways away. I had to take a Greyhound across 3 states to go and pick her up and fuel prices in the Midwest were only in the $1.30 range at the time which I am sure motivated the dealer a bit. I can almost guarantee they would ask more for her today.

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:1ohqmtpb][email protected][/email:1ohqmtpb]
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