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Hi all,

Looking for advice. My '02 Insight got totalled back in September and I was finally able to replace it this week. I got a used '00 for a "very reasonable" price. 37K miles.

I gave it a good check out and a nice long test drive; no problems. Today, I noticed that it tends to buck as if I were in the wrong gear for the RPMs. When this happens, I am in 2nd or 3rd, between about 1000 and 1600 RPMs, and applying minimum power. Giving it a bit more gas makes the bucking stop.

When I bought it, the lifetime mileage was about 45, which I found a bit weird, since I don't think I could get down to 45 if I tried. I reset the counter and I've got it up to a respectable 64 now. The battery was also completely drained, but I was able to get it charged up half way during the test drive and have been able to keep it topped since.

No other strange behavior - power seems fine, IMA seems to kick in just as it should.

So, any thoughts on this odd problem? I seem to recall reading something about a similar problem here before, but I probably can't remember the proper synonym for "bucking" to find the post.

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