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I sold my 2003 Honda Insight, needed the cash to pay off a few bills and buy another ride, so I'll be signing off the forums. I posted a lot in the beginning but have been quiet for some time. But I've ready many a post and learned a lot and made many fun modifications to my 2003 Honda Insight, #361 I believe. It was a great car and I'll miss it. My next Hybrid will be the Toyota Prius, either 2005 or 2006.

I definately will miss all the heads the car turned.

If anybody is interested, I'm selling the Super Shoebox Sub (better than the regular Shoebox sub) and the 2 amps mounted on the metal passenger side plate on EBay. Check the "Items for Sale" forum here on insight central or my honda-hybrid yahoo groups post if you're intersted.

So long and thanks for all the info!
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