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Since I am in the process of having my IMA battery replaced and I've heard so many great things about Honda's "Goodwill" on out-of-warranty repairs. I decided to do a search on Google for "Honda Goowill Warranty". The majority of hits are basically about secret warrantys that automakers have to cover factory defects that they don't want anyone to know about.

During my current process of battery repair I called several dealers about simply purchasing a new battery and installing it myself. One of the service guys I talked to was very helpful, faxing me a service bulletin, and said he's seen Honda pay for batterys on cars as high as 180000 miles. The service bulletin he sent me states clearly that the dealer should call to inquire about a "Goodwill" warranty extension.

Do you think that there is a factory defect in all Insight IMA Battery modules that Honda doesn't want anyone to know about?
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