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Gouged / Scuffed rear bumper cheap fix

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The previous owner of this car had hauled some stuff in the back and used the back bumper as a sliding rack or something...who knows what it was used for. Needless to say, it looked pretty bad.

So, on a nice sunny weekend and a can of standard gloss black auto paint from Autozone, some paint tape, sand paper, and filler, I spent about a half hour of work, a couple of hours of drying time, and the results are in these pics:

note: the mirrors were also done in this fashion...
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Nice fix

Nice fix for your particular problem. Creative at least, makes the car more 'yours'!
Didja ever notice that some sob's will go out of their way to 'key' a neat little car, just 'cause they 'feel like it'? I'm pretty sure that's what did the rear bumper on mine in the same area. :twisted: You'll probably hear it on the news if I ever catch one doing that again. :x "Car vandal found hanging from tree by gonads in Walmart parking lot!" "Details at eleven."
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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