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Greetings! New guy here!

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Hey crew I got myself a used 2019 Insight the beginning of this year and so far I find her really fun to drive even though she had 100k at the time of purchase but everyone tells me "Hey it's a Honda so it'll last you a while". Besides her being my first hybrid car she's also my first Honda. I recently got into a little problem while on the road where a piece of debris hit my front left mirror and took the cover completely off. I've been looking online for a replacement but I'm wondering how long it would take for it to get here because I have a trip planned on the 20th and it would suck going without that cover on. If anyone has any prior knowledge on how hasty the website is then I would glady appreciate your knowledge on this.

Here's what I plan on ordering: 76251-TBA-A21ZQ - Honda Parts Now
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Welcome. It's a beautiful car. I know you will enjoy it. I considered one at one time, but I have a nice 2013 Civic Hybrid with the Lithium battery so I couldn't justify upgrading. Still - beautiful car.

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Thanks for the welcome guys! I actually just got the part delivered today and I gotta say they are extremely fast as it only took 3 days. Will definately do business with them again whenever I need more parts! @jime yes I totally agree she's an absolute beauty!
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