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ham radio install

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i just picked up a new Icom 2720H vhf/uhf mobile rig for my insight. it is a "remote mount" style unit: a small control head and a main unit with all the actual radio parts in it. i mounted the control head on the left side of the dash, opposite the cd player. the main unit is mounted under the seat, and the antenna will be a "through-the-roof" NMO mount dual-band type affair. power is routed from the relay/fuse box in front of the battery, down the inside of the left fender, and then into the car with the hood release cable. from there the power cable goes under the door sill and then under the seat.

the rig works fine at low power with the antenna sitting in the trunk. i have not yet cut the hole in the roof to mount the antenna, and i sure don't want to try it with 50 watts of rf behind my head!!! :shock:

so far no issues with stray rf.

73 de W4MBG!!!
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Kenwood Ham radio install

Another ham here: WB5WAF, QTH Texas.

I like your installation below the left driver's side. I currently have my Kenwood VHF unit (not a remote headed device) velcoed to the dash in the far left position. The power cable runs directly to the under-dash fuse box. The antenna cable runs to an ancient "Avanti" through-the-glass mounted antenna, located at the far right top of the front window. I have used the rig at full power (50 Watts) without any problems hitting the "free" phone patch repeaters.

The SWR shows a 1:1.2 match -- not too bad for a thru-the-glass antenna. I have transferred this original antenna through four different cars since 1981.

Ali Fant
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