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Hanging garment hook?

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Has anyone installed a hanging garment hook in their Insight? I am a law student who makes regular trips to the cleaners (not to mention commuting 1000 mi/wk to school, for which the Insight pays for itself), and have found nowhere great to put my hanging clothes. I admit I've done more mods to computers than cars, but I was wondering if anyone could lead me in the right direction...

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I've wondered about that one myself. I had a Jeep Wrangler once upon a time, which didn't have a hook; I made one by tying a loop of parachute cord around the rollbar in the driver-side rear seat area.

But we have neither rear seats nor roll bars. I suspect the issue is not having a rear seat, because a hook over the passenger door would create a safety issue by blocking the view to the right; and a hook behind the seats would just leave the clothes crumpled on the deck.

But ... how about a hook just behind the driver's seat which would let the clothes hang down between the driver's seat and the bulkhead (mount the hook so that the shoulders of the clothes are parallel to the driver's shoulders to keep required space to a minimum...? Just slide the seat forward, hang the clothes, slide the seat back?

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Well, someone who is handier than I am needs to weigh in on whether you can attach a hook behind the driver's head without drilling two holes in the roof and bolting it on with the nuts sticking up on top of the car. I could attach the thing so that it will never come off, but it won't look pretty... :lol:

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