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Hanging garment hook?

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Has anyone installed a hanging garment hook in their Insight? I am a law student who makes regular trips to the cleaners (not to mention commuting 1000 mi/wk to school, for which the Insight pays for itself), and have found nowhere great to put my hanging clothes. I admit I've done more mods to computers than cars, but I was wondering if anyone could lead me in the right direction...

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My old CRX has garment hanging hooks back where the rear quarter glass is. An old CRX or Civic would probably be a good candidate for hooks. I guess they can be used to hang garments...although it is really about the first 12-16 inches of garment hanging with the rest in a crumpled mess on the floor. Any time I have needed to transport hanging items, I have found it much better off to just lay them flat on the floor. So far I have never had any problems that couldn't be ironed out.
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