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Hanging garment hook?

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Has anyone installed a hanging garment hook in their Insight? I am a law student who makes regular trips to the cleaners (not to mention commuting 1000 mi/wk to school, for which the Insight pays for itself), and have found nowhere great to put my hanging clothes. I admit I've done more mods to computers than cars, but I was wondering if anyone could lead me in the right direction...

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Hanging garment hook...

That sounds like a good idea...behind either seat...or even one for each. Where should I buy the hooks? Should I check a junkyard for Civic hooks?
Hanging garment hooks...

Well, I imagine that garment hooks could be installed in the same way as the bolts for the nut atop the car. I would have a body shop do it, when I bring it there to get my driver's rear skirt to fasten properly :x Would be nice if Honda sold them...but probably not. Would you try aftermarket or Civic parts?
Hanging garment hooks?

The thought was to have the clothes hanging behind one of the chairs, but in front of the rear deck (covering the rear speakers)...I keep too much stuff (books, etc.) on the rear deck to leave clothes lying there all day and bring them home unwrinkled. I will start checking the junkyards for civics and crxs with a grey interior with clothes hooks. Right now my clothes are hanging from the passenger visor mounting :(.
I got it!

Get one of those idiotic car flags that people use to tout their favorite sports team, and cut the stick about an inch above the bottom. Then, put it in the window backwards. Instant clothes clip! :p
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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