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"deck your Insight"

Yves & All,

Yes. Happy New year! Here's to another year of enjoying of Insights!

I was wondering did people "deck their Inisights" at all for the holidays? I hung a small bunch of Christmas bells and a very tiny single (fake) silk pointsettia on my rear view mirror. It made it look more festive and jingled all the way when driving over the zillion bumps we have on our MA roads.


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To you too.

Sorry, but I cannot stand this. How can you carry on chit-chatting about Insight when you've gotten over 100.000 People killed in sout-east Asia.

Germany for instance hasn't lost so many of it's people since the second world war like on last boxing-day. They're talking of over 1.000 German tourists ALONE, missing because of the tsunami that hit Thailand, Sri Lanka, India.......
Families torn apart, children loosing their families WHILST ON CHRISTMAS-VACATION !
Not to mention the tragedies of the local population.....

Here in Germany flags are flying half-mast because of the tragedy unfolding.
Sorry if it's off-topic.

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Sorry 166, I feel your pain. It is among the worst thing that can happen. I surely did not know that so many German's where touched by this. 2004 will not be a best year, all over the globe.

But like you wrote, it is off topic. If we where to write about it then Irak, Darfur,... there are too many things to write about but each has to be within a forum's purpose. And this forum can not help. Individual help in there localities is the thing to do ($$ to Red Cross,...).

Best wishes to all from the Insight Central moderator team.
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