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Hard braking question...Is this normal?

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I've only driven my CVT Insight for a couple of weeks now. Most of the time I am able to brake slowly and smoothly.

But I started noticing that if I had to press hard at the last , I'd feel some strange jerking in the pedal. The harder and more suddenly I do this, the worse it feels. I don't really want to slam on the brakes to test it as I'm only at 1,000 miles.

Is this the antilock brakes engaging? I've had them in other cars, but when engaged the jerking was steadier and smoother. It almost feels like grinding on the Insight.

Or is this something to do with regenerative braking?

Is it a problem?

Thanks for any help!
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Insighter, are you talking about whenever you push the brakes in slightly and your slowing down at a constant speed suddenly the car will act as if you'd pushed on the brake a little harder? inconsistant brake pressure or whatever? I've noticed this with my new car as well. I don't recally it doing this when I first bought it but now it's braking is kind of strange, can't brake steady as every now and then it'll pulse as if I'm playing around with the pedal but I'm not.

Anyway, due to other concerns I have w/ the car like a increase in the mechanical/electrical whine and it acting like it wants to stall, I'm going to bring it in and have a full check up done on it. Tuning, electrical, brakes, etc. I'll let you know if they found out anything wrong w/ the brakes. Could be a crack like you said.

I always figured it could be whatever device they used to take the kinetic energy from the brakes and pump it into the batteries. I used to have one of those lights on my bike that took energy from the wheels. Whenever you engaged this generator-like device on the wheel there was noticeable drag as the wheel now had to spin this other little wheel that created electricity for the light. Anyway, if Honda uses a more complex but basically the same concept, wouldn't everytime the car tries to take energy from the braking, wouldn't it create a little bit of extra drag. I figured it was that, but will ahve the dealer confirm. I may also test drive their other insight just to see if it does it, they have a nice little dark blue one that's sadly has a few problems, it's missing it's antenna from the top and the back windshield wiper can spin 360 degrees. I wish I could find a good home for it, it was the insight I test drove before I got mine.
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