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Hard braking question...Is this normal?

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I've only driven my CVT Insight for a couple of weeks now. Most of the time I am able to brake slowly and smoothly.

But I started noticing that if I had to press hard at the last , I'd feel some strange jerking in the pedal. The harder and more suddenly I do this, the worse it feels. I don't really want to slam on the brakes to test it as I'm only at 1,000 miles.

Is this the antilock brakes engaging? I've had them in other cars, but when engaged the jerking was steadier and smoother. It almost feels like grinding on the Insight.

Or is this something to do with regenerative braking?

Is it a problem?

Thanks for any help!
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Glitch, I think your car found out the name you were using and is trying to live up to it.

Bear in mind that the mechanics don't simply go by the lights...they have diagnostic computers they can hook up and run tests. That's how they found out that the light on my dashboard that said my anti-lock brakes weren't working was really just a short in the dashboard, and the brakes were fine.

Both of you, btw, are describing what my brakes felt like before they went out on my Ford Aerostar...which, of course doesn't mean the Insight will work the same way. (Also note: By "went out", I don't mean they failed...I still had brakes, the pads had just cracked and fell off due to a caliper being messed up. I was in no danger of hitting anyone.)
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