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Has Anyone Else Bought An Insight Because Of This Site??????

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If it wasn't for this site I would never have bought my Insight, you have open my eyes to the world of Hybrids.

I bought mine in August 2003 & have never regreted it.

Thanks guys.
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Has Anyone Else Bought An Insight Because Of This Site

Having driven an Insight while in my home state of Ky in 2000 I resigned to waiting until I became tired of my new Smart car here in the UK before looking further.That moment came last September when I visited this site and educated myself before seriously searching and locating a low mileage one owner oxygen blue (in mint condition)2000 model.The previous owner had traded it in on one the same color! but brand new.
Five months have passed and I am still :) but something strange has happened,it seems I am no longer interested in purchasing anything,a non-consumer,its as if all my desires have been fulfilled??total satisfaction,if I ever come down off this high I hate to think what will happen the Insight may be a danger to health in ways it wasn't designed for!
Anyway thanks to all for the education.

Dgate #151
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