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Has Anyone Else Bought An Insight Because Of This Site??????

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If it wasn't for this site I would never have bought my Insight, you have open my eyes to the world of Hybrids.

I bought mine in August 2003 & have never regreted it.

Thanks guys.
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Wanting to buy...

I lusted over it when I first read about it in 1999. However, with four children and one job, money is frequently rather tight for us, so I needed to wait until the price on used had dropped to a level we considered reasonable.

Once I found that I needed to look for a new car in earnest due to a new job, I began hitting eBay and other vendors for any kind of cheap used car. I noticed an Insight going for a song on eBay, got excited, started doing searches, realized I could finally afford one, and hunted for a couple of weeks before finding the perfect one. I had found by that time, and what it really affected was how I chose the car.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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