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Has Anyone Else Bought An Insight Because Of This Site??????

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If it wasn't for this site I would never have bought my Insight, you have open my eyes to the world of Hybrids.

I bought mine in August 2003 & have never regreted it.

Thanks guys.
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I came across the very first articles of the car in late 98, early 99.
I knew I had to get the car at any price but wasn't too sure if it was going to be available here in Germany. It was then where I came to use the www. for the first time, yup....late starter :roll:
I had to drive some 75 kms (quite a drive for German standards) to the ONLY dealer who had an Insight standing on the lot in mid 2000. I even had to talk him around to get the car registered for a test-drive. I came back afterwards saying I'd want it.....I still remember the look on his face :wink:
Without any hassle I swapped my 97' Civic for the Insight.

I've owned so far:
-82' VW Golf
-87' Rover 213 (Honda Ballade)
-91' Honda Civic saloon
-95' Suzuki Swift (Geo Metro)
-90' Honda CRX (us-spec., 90hp)
-89' Honda CRX (us-spec., 110hp)
-97' Honda Civic (90 hp)
-00' Honda Insight (ZE1.....166)

I've never thought my love for Honda would grow THIS far, as it did since I have my Insight. I'm a mechanic and did my apprenticeship at the local Honda dealer in Paderborn
Honda, at it's best !

......sorry, got sort of carried away there 8)
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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