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Has Anyone Tried to Convert an Insight to Natural Gas?

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I'm not inclined to do so, but someone probably wanted to fuel an Insight to natural gas. It would be almost zero emissions with unlimited range. Another advantage is less gunk buildup in the engine.

Heard of anyone trying this?
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I manage a fleet of CNG vehciles at the Prison I work at and have had the same idea of a possable CNG Insight. Why not, Honda offers a CNG Civic. That would put Honda way ahead of the game for sure. The main draw back would be the infrastructure for refueling, plus the lower MPG you tend to get with CNG. as for a self induced retrofit from gasoline to CNG not really a practical idea due to the many changes for CNG. IE: Placement of tank, injector changes, fuel monitoring system and integrating the IMA system to function in conjunction with CNG.
FYI are you aware the State of Cailfornia has Insights available as a Pool vehicles in the Sacrament and Los Angles state garages for State Agencies to utilize? They were also offered for agencies to purchase off of the last state contract.
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