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Hatchback lift ARM Struts

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My hatchback no longer stays open with temps drop into the 40s. I've seen a few other posts about obtaining replacement ARM/struts. If I decide to replace mine myself is there any tricks or instructions for doing the replacement? Thanks in advance for any help.
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For reference, the OEM part numbers are shown below, with current pricing:

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Current Rock Auto pricing, for history:

ULTRA-POWER (economy) $7.62
STRONGARM (standard) $21.79

Note that Rock Auto does not list quantities, so the Strongarm could actually be more expensive than Amazon if 2 are required.
I ordered 2 of the Ultra-powers on Rock Auto (~$15 for the set). Will report back with fitment/performance.
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Verdict on Ultra Power lift cylinders: would buy again.

Note that I had to clean up the lower mount bracket holes from minor manufacturing imperfections, but other than that they were super easy to install. They are much stronger than OEM.

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