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I had my second IMA battery failure at 124,000 miles last week. The Honda dealer told me that the first battery replacement (at 100,487 miles in 2006) was only warranted for one year and I would have to pay almost $3,000 for a replacement. This didn't make sense but they were firm in their statement. I contacted Ron Hansen at Hybrid-Battery-Repair check on a replacement. He told me that my extended warranty was still in effect and to go back and tell the dealer to check again and to call American Honda if they didn't honor the warranty. Taking that advice and a printout of the 2006 Honda Service Letter that I found on these forums I went back to the dealer and to my surprise they immediately ordered a replacement battery under full warranty to be installed day after tomorrow! There are three lessons learned from this experience:

1. Your 2000/2001 extended IMA warranty is valid for a full 10 years or 150,000 miles - even if you have had a prior IMA warranty replacement.
2. Your local Honda dealer may not be on the ball (or just may not be honest with you) when you go in - know your rights and stand your ground.
3. Insight-Central Forums and Ron Hansen are formidable resources for us Insight owners. Ron didn't have to tell me to pursue the warranty but that just shows his integrity. You can bet that Ron will provide my next IMA battery!
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