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I am in a dead end with my car and maybe someone has a solution !

Recently I have worked to restaure an Insight 2005 with a CVT transmission.
The compression was bad on cylinder 1 and after investigation an exhaust valve was bad and the head gasket was leaking.

Instead of repairing the head, i just changed it with another head i had from a 2002 Insight with manual transmission.

Now the car run but i have noticed that my ignition timing as 40 degrees in advance. The car starts at 12/13 and rapidly increase once water temp turn 44degree.
When this occur, the engine sounds bad (Knocking ?). It doesn't seems to be normal... As a comparison my 2000 Insight with manual trans is running 12 on idle.

Here is a list of the things i have done so far related to this problem :
  • Check MAP sensor : Working fine
  • Check VTEC solenoid (stuck open ?) Working fine ;
  • Vacuum leaks : No leak detected ;
  • Coils are new ;
  • The exhaust is free;

The timing is perfect and the pin on the cam gear is nice and in place. My compression is consistent (143 PSI each).

Am i missing something ?

update: I have ordered a ECM. I don’t know how but is it possible that programmation is bad ?

Thanks a lot for your help :)

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